Arrigoni Bridge and St John’s Square/Main Street Intersection Improvements (Schedules are subject to change)

Arrigoni Bridge Improvements
July 27-August 9

  • Deck improvements continue on the Middletown and Portland sides of the Arrigoni Bridge.
  • Rebar installation on the Portland and Middletown sides.
  • Pier concrete repairs.
  • Localized paint removal.
  • Sidewalk steel work on north side of bridge.
  • Day traffic pattern-two-way traffic (one lane in each direction).
  • Some bridge related night work possible.
  • Night traffic pattern-alternating one-way traffic.


Rapallo Ave, St John’s Square, Washington Street, and Grand Street Improvements
July 27-August 9

  • Rapallo Avenue
    • -Mast arm foundation work.
  • St John’s Square
    • Night work includes full and partial depth patching over railroad tunnel.
    • Island reconfiguration on Main St.
  • Washington Street
    • Mast arm and mast arm foundation work as well as continuing installation of electrical appurtenances.